What We Do

ImmunSYS is at the forefront of an entirely new approach to treating cancer. Our platform therapy has been shown to be effective in some metastatic cancers and may have wide applications as a cancer treatment for several solid tumor cancers. The company’s revolutionary therapy, YourVaccx™ utilizes a novel combination of controlled cell lysis and a triple-component immunotherapeutic drug.

This new immunotherapy-focused therapy is designed to empower the immune system to recognize and selectively attack cancer cells throughout the body. The company is initially developing the new cancer therapy for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer, with a  pipeline of additional development programs for other solid tumor cancers.

Who We Are

ImmunSYS is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative cancer immunotherapy products to improve the lives of patients with late-stage metastatic prostate cancer and other metastatic solid tumor cancers.

Our proprietary therapy was conceived by the focal prostate cancer therapy pioneer and inventor of the male lumpectomy, Gary Onik, M.D. He is not only the inventor, but also a patient. Dr. Onik developed aggressive metastatic prostate cancer in 2018 and received his own therapy. He had a complete response and remains disease-free to date.

ImmunSYS is committed to bringing life-changing treatments to cancer patients by bringing the tumor to the immune system to fight cancer in a new way. We believe our new YourVaccx™ therapy has the potential to offer cancer patients substantial benefits over the existing standard of care.