Systematically Transforming Cancer Immunotherapy

ImmunSYS™ is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative cancer immunotherapy products to improve the lives of patients with late-stage metastatic prostate cancer and other metastatic adenocarcinomas.

Our platform technology, YourVaccx™ utilizes a novel combination of the proprietary ANTIGENerator™ energy delivery device system, a proprietary branded formulation of immunotherapeutic drugs, and a proprietary procedure developed by the focal prostate cancer therapy pioneer and inventor of the male lumpectomy, Gary Onik, M.D. 

The new YourVaccx™ immunotherapy is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure designed to empower the immune system to recognize and selectively attack cancer throughout the body. We are developing this radically new operating system for immunotherapy initially for the treatment of late-stage metastatic prostate cancer with a pipeline of additional development programs for other late-stage metastatic cancers.

The ANTIGENerator™ device system delivers energy to a portion of a genetically representative cancer tumor (either one primary tumor or one metastasis) in order to disrupt the cancer cell membranes which exposes the cancer antigens, while also preserving the critical fluid pathways that the immune system utilizes to optimally function.   

A branded immunotherapy formulation is then injected directly into the treatment zone in the tumor created by the ANTIGENerator™. This injection performs three critical functions.  First if forces the newly exposed cancer antigens into the tissue drainage system (lymphatic system) and into contact with the immune system.  Second, the formulation works to mitigate the cancer’s ability to locally block immune responses against the newly exposed cancer antigens.  Lastly, the immune system is “turbo charged” with immuno-stimulatory drugs to ramp up the immune system to better fight the cancer. These three steps enable the immune system to recognize the cancer and create an autologous therapeutic vaccine that travels throughout the body.