Our platform technology, MyVaccx utilizes a novel combination of a proprietary Cancer Antigen Presentation System (CAPS), a proprietary branded formulation of immunotherapeutic drugs, and a proprietary procedure developed by Dr. Gary Onik.

We are developing this new operating system for immunotherapy initially for the treatment of prostate cancer with a pipeline of five additional development programs.  There is currently a large unmet need in the treatment of late-stage prostate cancer:

2018 Estimated Deaths in U.S. - Prostate Cancer

MyVaccx™ Cancer Therapy: How It Works

The therapy utilizes a four-step process to deliver a novel therapeutic treatment:

1.  Antigen Presentation

A Cancer Antigen Presentation System (CAPS) is utilized to disrupt cancer cells in a way that does not damage the complex antigen structures from normal, healthy tissue. This enables antigen presentation to effectively expose the cancer to the immune system.

2.  Branded Immunotherapy

A branded immunotherapy formulation is then injected directly into the tumor to mitigate the cancer’s ability to locally block immune responses against it.

3.  Immune System Recognizes Cancer

The immune system is then able to recognize the cancer and creates an autologous vaccine (derived from the patient’s own tumor cells).

4.  Immune System is “Turbo Charged”

Lastly, the immune system is “turbo charged” with immuno-stimulatory drugs to ramp up the immune system to fight off cancer throughout the entire body.

How Is MyVaccx™ Different?

Our Cancer Antigen Presentation System (CAPS) is a new and proprietary technology that is specifically designed to unmask the cancer to the immune system by targeting cancer cell membranes, thereby exposing undamaged cancer cell antigens to the immune system.

  • We believe that undamaged antigen presentation to the immune system with CAPS is the critical missing step in immunotherapy.


In addition, we are developing a proprietary branded immunotherapy formulation that is designed specifically to work in conjunction with the CAPS technology.  We believe that this new approach to immunotherapy, combined with the proprietary procedure that Dr. Onik has developed will become the new operating system for cancer immunotherapy.