ImmunSYS is focused on developing a new cancer therapy to improve the lives of patients with prostate cancer and other adenocarcinomas.

a revolutionary approach

Our platform technology, YourVaccx™ utilizes a novel combination of a proprietary energy-delivering device, a proprietary branded formulation of immunotherapeutic drugs, and a proprietary procedure developed by Gary Onik, M.D.  

We are developing this new cancer immunotherapy initially for the treatment of prostate cancer, with a pipeline of five additional programs.  Currently, there is a large unmet need in the treatment of late-stage metastatic prostate cancer. Our goal is to provide hope for all cancer patients, and especially those who have exhausted all treatment options.

Click play on the animation below to learn more about YourVaccx™ and how it works.  You can also visit the YourVaccx™ page for additional information on the therapy.

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