Immunotherapy is considered to be one of the most promising therapies in the effort to cure cancer.  It works by enhancing the body’s own immune system, enabling the immune system to recognize, target, and eliminate cancer cells. 

Recent groundbreaking research has produced an increasing number of cancer-fighting therapies that harness the immune system in different ways.  Decades of clinical investigation have provided vast scientific insight into the immune system and how it interacts with cancer cells. There are an increasing number of anticancer therapies under development that enhance the immune system to fight cancer, one of which is a novel approach being developed to tackle one of the most difficult types of cancers to treat.

ImmunSYS is currently developing its YourVaccx™ cancer immunotherapy that offers a new potential solution for metastatic prostate cancers by optimizing the conditions for creation of an in situ autologous vaccine. To learn more, please visit

Discover more about immunotherapy and how you can help support this important advancement in cancer treatment by visiting resources such as the Cancer Research Institute,  American Association for Cancer Research and the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer