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Game-Changing Technology

Our technology originates from over 30 years of groundbreaking inventions and clinical experience from Gary Onik, M.D., the focal prostate cancer therapy pioneer and inventor of the male lumpectomy. The ImmunSYS™ technology is designed to empower the immune system to recognize and selectively attack cancer throughout the body. 

Our platform therapy, YourVaccx™ utilizes a proprietary procedure that combines the ANTIGENerator™ for controlled cell lysis with a triple-component immunotherapeutic drug. 

We are developing this radically new operating system for immunotherapy initially for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer with a pipeline of additional development programs for other metastatic solid tumor cancers.

YourVaccx™: Cancer Therapy Powered By You

The YourVaccx therapy empowers the patient’s immune system to create a personal in-situ autologous vaccine that attacks cancer throughout the entire body. The following illustration depicts an overview of the steps involved in the therapy:

    A segment of a tumor is lysed, liberating      tumor antigens and other molecules that    serve to activate the immune system.

A triple-component immunotherapeutic drug is injected into the disrupted tumor.

This combination approach empowers the immune system to create an in-situ autologous vaccine that drives an abscopal effect that attacks the metastatic cancer throughout the body.

YourVaccx™ Animation

The animation below provides a more detailed description of the therapy and how it works to fight cancer.

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